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Black Diamond

Handcrafted Unique Items

All items are 'one off' products and are NOT mass produced

blue fuzz hang 001.jpg
autumn wood 001.jpg

I run this website & store single handed but will be looking to add guest crafter's to the site soon. All my products are made to be unique and will never be mass produced. I use materials such as beads, ribbons, pipe cleaners, suede cording, embellishments, crystal/gem chips and more.
I have Fibromialgia & Psoratic Arthritis, so making these items can take a while and can sometimes be painful to produce lots at once. Please be patient for new products and mailings.

yellow spell  bag.jpg
red spell bag.jpg
blue spell bag.jpg
blk spell bag.jpg
green spell bag.jpg

I am currently making 5 different Charm Bags
They are made with an organza bag, suede cording and beads. Each bag is filled with a different combination of my own dried flowers, Wicca herbs & spices, dried berries and crystal/gem chips. The current charms/Spells are :

Happiness  Love & Romance  Health & Well-being Protection  Hex Removal

autumn star brace 001.jpg
green 2 set 002.jpg
blue crystal bracelet 002.jpg

My jewelry is made from suede cording, beads, crystal/gem chips and embellishments. It is NOT suitable for children, baby's or pets and is designed for adult use.
Choose from Pendants, bracelets, earrings and matching sets/seasonal items.

Autumn ring hanger 002.jpg

As the seasons come and go so do my Seasonal Products.
Seasonal Items will only be available for a short period of time and will be designed to match seasons and current calendar events such as Halloween and Easter.
These items are for all and will suit people who enjoy the color themes and or Wicca/Pagan traditions.
The website Seasons are thus :

Jan/Feb - Imbolic & Valentines   
March/April/May - Spring, Easter & Beltane (May Day)
June/July/August - Summer, Gardens
Sept/October - Autumn and Halloween (Samhain)
November/December - Winter and Christmas (Yule)


orange and brown autumn hanger.jpg
red hanger001.jpg
pink blu hanger.jpg

My Hangers & Sun-catchers are made from suede/leather/silk cording, pipe-cleaners, beads, crystal/gem chips, clear plastic crystals and embellishments. 
They are
NOT suitable for outdoor use, they are made for indoor walls, windows and conservatory's. They come in a myriad of styles, colors and prices to suit everyone, each being unique and never the same.


You can join the website today for extra benefits or join us on Patreon for SPECIAL Patreon ONLY products and monthly shipped packages.

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